This week’s party idea stems from the movie Alice in Wonderland!

Let’s have a Mad Tea Party!

There are many ways that you can create your own mad tea party. Here are a few ideas that I’ve come up with!

1. The Simple, but mad, Tea Party

For this party you want to use lots of colors. Bright colors or pastels, but keep to one or the other.

Paper lanterns and colored christmas lights hung around the party area make for a nice atmosphere.

Brew a few different kinds of tea, use different types of tea cups for each person.

The key is to be as mismatched and crazy as possible.

A cool idea for music would be to mix different songs together and blend them into each other. If you don’t know how to mix music like this, just make a mix of the most random songs possible.

Food: Finger Sandwiches, Cookies that say “Eat Me”, mix of fresh fruits different colors, Strawberry tarts for the Queen of Hearts.

Remember to have fun and act crazy!

2. Serious Mad Tea Party

If you are looking to plan a BIG party here are some ideas to add to the simple tea party.

Ask your guests to bring a mug and before the tea drinking starts have the guests trade. This way each guest leaves with a different mug they came with.


Some of the most awesome cakes I have seen are titled “Mad Hatter” cakes. These cakes usually consist of 3-4 layers of round cake placed one on top of the other at a lopsided angle to create a titled hat shape. They are covered in different colored fondant and have all kinds of different designs on them. If you are throwing this kind of party as a birthday party or celebration party and need a cake, this would be a great idea. It’s also an easy cake to make yourself!

Here is a picture of a Mad Hatter cake: 


Invites for this party can be as creative as you want them to be. The following are some ideas for creative invites:

A circle invitation that has the writing spiraled “Follow us down the rabbit hole for a Mad Tea Party”  On the inside place the location, date, time, and other party details you want your guests to know.

A circle clock, pocket watch type, the has “Don’t Be Late” written on the clock face. On the inside write “For A Very Important Date, along with location, date, time, and other party details.

A Mad Hatter’s Hat invite that states “Let’s Go Mad” or “You’re invited to our Mad Tea Party”. Be sure to include your party information on the inside.

Remember to always have fun and be creative with your party. Let who you are as a host shine through and wow your guests.

Please feel free to comment with ideas, suggestions, comments or even pictures if you have had your own Mad Tea Party!


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