Fort Wilderness Campground: Engagement Style

This week I am featuring another Unique Engagement location at the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, FL.

Today we are looking at Fort Wilderness Campground, an outdoor resort where you can sleep out in the wilderness in a cabin, camper, or tent. This resort places you right into the middle of a frontier land complete with a campfire sing-a-long, outdoor movies, a rowdy dinner show, and much more! It also provides the perfect background for an outdoor picturesque proposal. Whether you plan a public proposal or a private one, Fort Wilderness Campground has a lot to offer.

Chip and Dale’s Campfire Sing-A-Long

Looking for a fun place to propose that is a little out of the ordinary? At Fort Wilderness Campground, Chip and Dale host a campfire sing-a-long and movie. Imagine sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows, singing along with a guitar guy singing traditional campfire songs and dancing around with two crazy chipmunks. Now imagine stopping the sing-a-long and taking a moment to ask that special someone to marry you. Maybe you wrote a little song for them or maybe you just want to share this moment with some great friends around a campfire.

Tip: Ask the guitar player if he can help you out. The campfire usually starts around 7:30 (or dusk depending on time of year) so get there early so speak with the concierge services to see if they can help you out. Also, find out if there was anyway that Chip and Dale could help you and be a little crazy with the ring (so as to crate a diversion).

Hoop-Dee-Do Review

Are you interested in a wild and rowdy good time? Do you enjoy sitting around the table with friends, eating buckets full of fried chicken, and playing a washboard? Then the Hoop-de-doo Review is the dinner show for you. Enjoy singing, dancing, and all the food and drink you can eat. While your here, you could quietly or quite publicly make a proposal she will never forget.

Quiet Proposals at Fort Wilderness Campground

There are many places for quiet proposals at Fort Wilderness. You could take a walk along the nature trail, cuddle together in a private horse-drawn carriage, spend a quiet evening on the shore of Bay Lake, or dance underneath the stars on the dock of a small lake. You could make your special evening and cater it to be exactly how you always pictured it would be.

Here are a few pictures of places at the campground that would provide a nice quiet place to propose.

This small wooden bridge crosses over a quiet river by the pool area of the campground. It provides the perfect place to pop the question during any time of day.

This quiet trail leads to the marina but is a beautiful spot under the canopy of trees. The marina dock also provides a beautiful place under the stars. Don’t forget to catch the electrical water parade!

This quiet lake is located right behind Chip and Dale’s campfire sing-a-long. The dock provides a great area to share a dance under the stars. Don’t forget the bug spray.

So if your a wilderness kind of couple or just like the beauty of the outdoors, Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground provides a wide variety of unique sites to ask your love to spend forever with you.


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