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Boo-tiful Proposal with 999 Happy Haunts

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! We were very excited to show you guys a really awesome video of a proposal that happened at the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland, however it has magically disappeared, so we will have to settle with telling you about it.

A truly unique place to get engaged at Walt Disney World or even Disneyland, would be at the Haunted Mansion. We heard of a story that came all the way from Disneyland about a young man who proposed to his girlfriend at Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion. His girlfriend was actually a cast member who worked at the attraction and was on her shift when all of this happened. It just goes to show what can happen when you ask the right people.

With the help of many people, both their families, friends, Guest Relations, Management, and other guests, this beautiful proposal took place. As the girl stepped out to relieve another fellow cast member, she was watching the queue when all of a sudden person after person came up to her with a rose. Each rose had a little note attached to it. Can you imagine random strangers coming up and handing you roses? The last person to bring a rose was her boyfriend who then dropped the question.

Of course she said yes and I’m pretty sure that she got the rest of the evening off. Sounds pretty awesome right?

Some cool ideas on how to make this happen:

Use real flowers and have the last one be fake. I know that sounds cheesy “I’ll love you until the last one dies” but it’s something that would make this moment really cute and special.

Do it on Halloween. If Halloween is something that both of you love, then why not pick this night and make it something you’ll never forget?

See what kind of help you can get. You could bring along some of your coworker that she doesn’t know, get a group of random strangers to help you out, or even see what Disney can cook up with you.

I really loved this story and I wish I could find the video to share with you.

Happy Halloween!

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Tea Lights and Candy

Fall/Halloween filling

While David and I were at the mall today, we stopped by Crate and Barrel. They sell these really awesome tea light holders there that I love. We passed a Halloween set up they had and they had placed candy corn along the bottom of it. So that got me to thinking, how cute would it be to place other candies under it. Not only that, how cute would it be to place this as a table setting during a dinner party or putting it on the gift or cake table at a wedding.  I didn’t get a picture, but just use your imagination with the pictures I have provided for you!


Axis tea light holder

Candy Hearts for Valentine's Day/Weddings/Engagement Parties

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Sunset Point

The other day my boyfriend David and I awoke very early to make our 7:45 reservations at Kona Cafe for breakfast. Kona is located inside Disneys Polynesian Resort, just one of the three resorts that sit along the Seven Seas Lagoon. We were sleepy-eyed but excited. This would be a first for both of us and we found it extremely wonderful. We left Kona happily stuffed on breakfast and decided to walk around the resort. I had brought my camera incase I was struck by inspiration and you all are in luck because I was.

There are many beautiful locations in this resort to spend a special moment with the one you love, but there are two particular spots that stuck out to me. The first is along the beach and/or dock. At 8:30 Am the beach was empty and extremely peaceful. We enjoyed our quiet walk after breakfast and the stunning view of both Disney’s Wedding Pavilion and Cinderella’s Castle across the lagoon. We also found out that the beach is one of the most popular places to watch the fireworks at the end of the night.

The Beach at Disney's Polynesian

The view from the beach

The second location is a place called Sunset Point. This is a beautiful hilled location that looks straight across the lagoon at Cinderella’s Castle. You could watch the sun rise there, but it is an even better location to watch the sun set. There is a little path between some palm trees and it would provide the perfect place to share an intimate moment with your love. It also has a great view of the castle to watch the fireworks from.

Sunset Point with view of Cinderella's Castle

The Polynesian Resort provides a sweet tropical getaway in the midst of a crazy world. Stepping inside you find tropical tress and waterfalls. You find some music, huge windows that let in warm sunlight, and a fun relaxing atmosphere. It’s a tropical destination without having to go to the tropics. It may just be a Disney resort, but it’s an escape. I hope that you can find yourself as inspired there as I was.


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A Proposal 15 floors up!

Looking to take your proposal to a new height? Want it to be “above the rest?” Then perhaps proposing at Disney’s California Grill is just for you.

Located at the top of Walt Disney World’s Contemporary Resort, The California Grill is an elegant contemporary restaurant. It combines wonderful food with a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, things you may want when planning the perfect proposals. The menu covers a nice variety of tastes that is sure to please anyone’s taste buds.

The California Grill

When planning the perfect proposal at the California Grill, be sure to make your reservation time close to the time the Magic Kingdom’s fireworks show is scheduled to go off. Just outside of the restaurant, on the very top of the Contemporary Resort, is an observation deck which provides a wonderful view of the Magic Kingdom. The best part about the Cal Grill is that they will actually give you the chance to go and watch the fireworks if you aren’t seated on the Magic Kingdom side. If fireworks and dinner interests you, you make want to consider booking your reservations about 3-6 months in advance to be sure you are able to get a seat!

The Observation Deck at Disney's California Grill

If you are looking to plan a sweet ending to a delightful evening, you may want to tell the Cal Grill just what you are up to. Then, after you have eaten your delicious meal and seen some beautiful fireworks, you can enjoy a delectable dessert that only the California Grill could whip up. For just about all of their special occasions, the California Grill adds a slice of chocolate cake with a personalized chocolate “card”. They also have a selection of worthwhile desserts to try if you aren’t really a chocolate fan.

Personalized chocolate cake

I hope that I could inspire you to consider the California Grill when planning your perfect proposal. This will be a dinner that neither of you would ever forget. It would be the perfect bit of pixie dust to an already amazing Disney vacation!

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We Want To Know!

We at Pixie Dusted Proposals want to know where you perfect Disney proposal spot would be! Take our poll and let us know!

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A Not-So-Scary Proposal

We know that Disney specializes in bringing magic to us on a daily basis. However, I think Disney goes over the top when it comes to Holidays. One holiday Disney does really well, is Halloween. Each year on select nights from September until the beginning of October, the Walt Disney World Resort hosts it’s Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. This party is a special ticket event that entertains its guests by transforming the Magic Kingdom into a ghoul’s delight from 7pm until midnight. Once the park is cleared at 7pm, the party begins with ghoulish music, characters you don’t normally see (such as the villains), and new entertainment like Mickey’s Boo To You parade and Hallowishes fireworks. If you or your love is a Halloween buff, this may be a fun time to plan the perfect engagement.

One of my favorite highlights of the Not-So-Scary parties is Cinderella’s Coach. Only on party nights can guests stand in front of the coach and take pictures. The most famous phrase the photopass photographers like to use during this time is “Give your sweety a smooch.” or “How about a kiss?”. This is to say that they are photographing couples and not families or little princesses. But wouldn’t this be a great place to drop down on one knee and pop the question?

Cinderella's Coach

Another great thing that happens at the parties, are that the princesses take pictures with their princes. This would be a great way to get character involvement. Usually you are placed in a room with 5 other groups but I’m sure if you were to ask the character attendants if you could have a room to yourself or wait until a room clears out and you are the last group, they would happily oblige. Especially if you tell them why. Disney Princesses are known for their interactions with the guests as they sign autographs and take pictures. This could make for a very memorable engagement.

Cinderella and Prince Charming with David and I

Snow White and her Prince with David and I

If your love is very much into Halloween and ghosts then maybe you should stop by the Haunted Mansion to ask the big question. On Halloween party nights, the Haunted Mansion is done up with fog, ghostly entertainers, a picture with the horseless carriage where a ghost appears, and more. Who knows, your love may let out a bone chilling scream of delight when they here your question.

The Haunted Mansion during a Not-so-Scary Party night

So what do you think? Is Mickey’s Not-So Scary Halloween party a place where you would pop the question? There are a lot of options for you to choose from when considering your perfect plan. Don’t worry, it’s not very scary.

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