A Proposal 15 floors up!

Looking to take your proposal to a new height? Want it to be “above the rest?” Then perhaps proposing at Disney’s California Grill is just for you.

Located at the top of Walt Disney World’s Contemporary Resort, The California Grill is an elegant contemporary restaurant. It combines wonderful food with a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, things you may want when planning the perfect proposals. The menu covers a nice variety of tastes that is sure to please anyone’s taste buds.

The California Grill

When planning the perfect proposal at the California Grill, be sure to make your reservation time close to the time the Magic Kingdom’s fireworks show is scheduled to go off. Just outside of the restaurant, on the very top of the Contemporary Resort, is an observation deck which provides a wonderful view of the Magic Kingdom. The best part about the Cal Grill is that they will actually give you the chance to go and watch the fireworks if you aren’t seated on the Magic Kingdom side. If fireworks and dinner interests you, you make want to consider booking your reservations about 3-6 months in advance to be sure you are able to get a seat!

The Observation Deck at Disney's California Grill

If you are looking to plan a sweet ending to a delightful evening, you may want to tell the Cal Grill just what you are up to. Then, after you have eaten your delicious meal and seen some beautiful fireworks, you can enjoy a delectable dessert that only the California Grill could whip up. For just about all of their special occasions, the California Grill adds a slice of chocolate cake with a personalized chocolate “card”. They also have a selection of worthwhile desserts to try if you aren’t really a chocolate fan.

Personalized chocolate cake

I hope that I could inspire you to consider the California Grill when planning your perfect proposal. This will be a dinner that neither of you would ever forget. It would be the perfect bit of pixie dust to an already amazing Disney vacation!


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