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The Pixie Dust Project: Week 2

Whooo! Week 2 of the Pixie Dust Project brings me so much excitement! I am so excited about what we are doing and I hope that you guys will consider joining us and taking part too!

As many of you know, Dave and I are moving in a few weeks. We have lots of old, gently used, towels and sheets that we don’t use any more. We have decided to donate these to the local SPCA. They do a lot of work from some amazing animals we have had a lot of our friends adopt pets from them recently. Since we can’t adopt pets right now (cost and allergies), we have decided to give back by giving them what they need. And trust us, they could use a lot.

Thinking about getting a pet? Not quite sure where to start looking first? How about going to your local SPCA open house or dropping by during visiting hours? You may fall in love with an adorable animal in need of a home quite like yours. My family has had a dog from the SPCA and he was a loyal friend to us for many years.

Can’t afford to adopt a pet? No worries. The SPCA looks for all kinda of donations from monetary to actual objects. By going to your local SPCA website and clicking on the ┬ádonate button, you will find a link for a wish list. This list will provide with ideas of things to bring over to the shelter.

So Dave and I are putting our box together as we get packing up the apartment. We hope that you will join us and gather a box too, I mean, what else are you going to do with all those old towels cluttering up your closet space?

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