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PDP: Being Pixie Dusted

So over the course of the Pixie Dust Project, I have found that there is a lot of things that one can do to help spread some Pixie Dust and a little cheer in the world. I’ve worked with some pretty amazing charities that do some pretty awesome things. I’ve met some great people who do some inspiring things. Trust me folks, pixie dust is EVERYWHERE!

Today I was Pixie Dusted. I was completely blindsided by it. It was just one of those “woah” life moments. So let me take you back into my world at a lovely 9:50 am this morning…

I had a rough start. For the past few weeks I have had a growing pain in my lower back. With moving (into a new place) and all the work I have been doing over at Goofy’s Barnstormer (lots of up and down movements to check lapbars), I have been putting a ton of stress on my back. This morning my back was killing me. I took some meds and went to work. I was completely out of it. I fell trap to feeling the everyday routine and going about it in a mundane way. Perhaps it was because I was on pain meds, perhaps it was because I was tired. But I could make a list of excuses, I wasn’t my cheerful, magical self.

As I was pressing buttons and making honey pots move, a little boy looked up and smiled at me. He reached up over the big panel I was working and handed me a little baggy and said, “Thank you. Have a magical day.” I smiled and said thanks, still watching ride motion to make sure everything was going ok. They got into their honey pot and off they went into the ride.

After I was rotated out of that position, I was able to look at my little bag of pixie dust that was given to me by a guest. It had a little note attached that read: “Thank you for making our vacation magical. We appreciate your hard work and dedication to keeping the magic. Here is a little pixie dust in return for all that you do.” Holy smokes! A guest thanking me in this big way! I’m the one supposed to be spreading the pixie dust. Even at the moment that little boy saw me, it was probably pretty clear I had no desire to be at work today and yet, I was still given this amazing gift!

Let me tell you how my attitude shifted for the day. Even though I was, and still am, in a good amount of pain, I smiled and waved to everyone I saw. I made sure that I was helping guests have a good time. I made sure that I was spreading some pixie dust.

Sometimes we all need a little Pixie Dust.



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