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No Class, No Respect.

This is going to be a post about the most horrible wedding I have ever witnessed. I would like to state a few disclaimers before I go on.

#1. I have NOTHING against small weddings, weddings in parks, receptions at the VFW and so on.

#2. These are simply my opinions and if you disagree, please tastefully do so in the comments sections so tat we can discuss this further.

#3. I was shell shocked after this wedding and I’m pretty sure David is now scared to get married.

Now that those are out, I am ready to discuss what I will call, the wedding from hell.

This was the wedding of Dave’s good friend/roommate down here in lovely FL. We both agree that the bride and the groom don’t seem to fit well together, however, love is love and they could be perfect for each other who knows. Dave was a Groomsman and therefore was asked to attend everything. The wedding officially ran from Wednesday night until Sunday morning. Let’s start on Wednesday.


Wednesday night began the wedding festivities. All friends of the bride and groom went to the local favorite bar of ours for kareoke and drinks. The bride and the groom talked to their separate groups of friends and barely each other the whole night. The bar was smokey and all of their friends, except David and I seemed to smoke. Since Dave had to work early the next morning, we called it a night around midnight. So far, not a bad night.


The wedding party and friends pregamed at a friend’s house. Dave and I met them at the club later, they were extremely late and Dave was tired from a long day of work. Another smoking establishment but it was a club and ladies drank for free til midnight. Since half of them were already drunk, it was quite an evening. Again, David and I left around midnight to get away from the smoke. We had seen more than enough for us.


Wedding Rehearsal Day!

Dave and I offered to pick up the best man, also Dave’s friend, at the airport so that the Groom would be on time for the rehearsal just incase a plane was late or something happened. The Groom said no he would get them. Dave and I spent the day together getting things done (we had both worked 14 days straight and needed to take care of the apartment and such). We went to the malls and just relaxed. I’m so glad we did this because they next two days were crazy.

The best man’s plane was late and the Groom was late getting back to the apartment for rehearsal. The whole wedding party was late to the rehearsal. Good thing it was a quick rehearsal because we would have never made it for dinner at the Eagle’s Club. I got sick at dinner (they cooked the chicken in the same area as the fish and didn’t clean. I’m allergic to chicken….) so we had to leave early yet again. Dave dropped me off then went over to The Groom’s place for some guy bonding time before the big day.


The day all things went wrong.

We didn’t have to be at the park until 4 pm an hour before the wedding. Dave and I again were catching up on all things needed to be done around the apartment. We get a call around 2:15 asking us how fast we could be at the Eagle’s Club because we needed to prep the dinner. *Did I mention that the Groom was cooking all of the food* Dave said we’ll get there if we can we were not near close to being ready to leave. We rushed our getting ready and tried to head out before three. That didn’t happen, we left around 3:10 and then there was an accident so we just met them at the park around 4:15 when we finally got there.

The gazebo was lightly decorated and there were no chairs! That’s right folks we were standing. Awesome. Probably wouldn’t have been bad if things ran smoothly, but they didn’t. 5 pm rolls around and half the wedding party is still missing. We are all wondering what is going on. No sign, no phone call, worried, pissed, who knows what everyone is feeling. I got some good candid pics of the guys while we were waiting.

Groomsmen Chillin

Paul being classy while helping Dave

"I've saving this picture for later."

Finally we find out where the bride is. She’s on her way. This is a good time as any to mention that she and her maids drank 2.5 bottles of champagne before getting her into the dress. By the time she made it to the alter, the wedding was over an hour late. And we were all standing. She barely made it down the aisle.

During the extremely short ceremony, it was a Justice of the Peace ceremony. The bride and her maids were laughing and unable to keep a straight face. The groom cried, I’m assuming cause he was happy, though I’m not sure. The recessions was interesting with the Maid of Honor screaming jumping on the back of the best man screaming, “My best friend just got married!” And so on. We took some pics, but we were rushed to the reception because there was food to cook.

Group shot

Nice hate Jake

Dave goes off on how disrespectful this wedding was to the guests and to the groom. He can’t believe that the bride did this and so on. Weddings are a big step in life they should be taken some what seriously.

We get to the Eagle’s Club and because of how late the bride was, the food is now going in when it was supposed to be served. Cold food, not enough time to heat it all up nor enough space. We were rushed. The groom didn’t help. I mean it was his day, but if he was planning on cooking, he should have given his groomsmen a hand. The groomsmen were in and out of the kitchen since they had other duties to preform, which left the best man’s girl and I to keep an eye on the food and prep salads and stuff. Let’s just say Best man, Dave, Best man’s girl, and I = PISSED.

The rest of the reception was ok. Pretty normal. The Maid of Honor’s speech was horrifying and he brought up another bridesmaid to help him with his speech. They attempted to rap. Cursed a bit during the speech, and there were kids around. And they just went on and on about random things. I would have been mortified if I was the bride.

Dave, Best man, Best man’s girl, and I left an hour early from the reception since I had to be at work at 6 am the next morning. All four of us were not pleased.

Like I said, I have nothing against small weddings, Justice of the Peace weddings, etc. However, do it with class. Do it with dignity. This is your day and you are going to remember it for the rest of your life. If you want to be totally blitzed trying to walk down the isle, that’s you. If you have to be that way to walk down the isle, you probably should not be getting married. We have a lot of thoughts on this wedding. We are happy for the bride and groom but at the same time our hearts are breaking. I cried three times on the day of the wedding because I was upset for them. I was shocked at what had happened. I’ve never been to a wedding like this.

Friends, if you are going to get married, do it with class. Do it with respect. Do it with love. Please, your guests will be happy and you will be happy!

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Like old friends

These past two weeks have been a whirlwind. I picked up a bunch of extra hours working with Dave in the kitchen and baking fresh breads for the VIP St. Patrick’s Day functions. I come from a traditional Irish family so I put a lot of love into my breads. It was fun and didn’t feel like work, however it was long hours and a bit stressful. I need to get more sleep.

Along with this, I had a guest in town. This guest made me a bit nervous at his arrival. Ryan, is an amazing person. He is extremely talented, a great friend, so much fun to be around, and more. All of that and he happens to be my ex-boyfriend’s brother. Now, I only have had 3 boyfriends EVER! I have never really needed a guy in my life. Really that’s because I have had amazing male friends. But Michael was different. He was someone I really could see myself marrying in the future. Michael and I were great friends, had similar interests, and more. We had a blast together and it was my first relationship where God was a part of it. It was interesting. However, Michael fell into a group and began to change. We split after 3 months (we were friends long before that) but not before having some great adventures, some including his brother Ryan.

When Ryan decided to come to Florida on Spring Break, I offered to help him out with Disney passes. I work for the company so it wouldn’t be too bad. Only problem…..I haven’t seen Ryan since a few days before the break up. So imagine seeing him again a few years later. It was a bit nerve racking.

However, when Ryan and I met up at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom, it was as if we had continued the friendship from long ago. Hugs were given, laughs were had and smiles were shared. We connected for a brief moment before I headed back to work. When we met up for dinner two days later, it felt natural. We talked about everything. It felt great to catch up with him and see how far his dreams are taking him. It was so much fun to hang out with him and his friend Evan for a bit and I even tried my first cigar. When Ryan said to me, “Lauren, it is soooo good to see you again! We haven’t had this much fun since Piazza.” And then the memories of that wonderful day were shared, even the part where the car broke down.

Needless to say I had nothing to worry about. We were like old friends who haven’t seen each other in a while. This….is something that I simply L~O~V~E!

Has this ever happened to you? Were you nervous at first?

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‘I do’ Love

Today was a rough day, however, today I found a few things that I LOVE!

I LOVE this video by Colbie Caillat.

The video describes so much about the meaning of “I Do”. Besides, all those cute smiley faces are awesome! What a unique artist.

I L~O~V~E Wedding Bee! Wedding Bee is a site where lots of brides blog about their wedding process. It has a very personal feel and these bees have GREAT ideas. Lots of amazing ideas and unique DIY ideas for your wedding. Perfect for those brides who are on a budget.

I LoVe that I had some extra time today to practice juggling. It’s a passion of mine that helps me relax and keep cool. It loosens me up and brings out the silly side in me. It’s something unique that I am good at.

My definition of Clubbin'

Better yet, I LOVE all of you guys! Thanks for reading and checking in! You guys are amazing!

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On the Boardwalk Proposal

Hello! Happy March! I hope that you are having an amazing start to your month and that it has been full of love and excitement. I am sorry that I have taken a break from posting proposal ideas, but I wanted to make sure that this blog didn’t get too boring. Also, with everything that has been going on, I haven’t really had time to go out and get some amazing pictures! Today is your lucky day because I have got a wonderful idea to share with you!

This week’s Pixie Dusted Proposal happens to be at one of my favorite places in all of Walt Disney World: The Boardwalk Hotel/Resort. Located as a part of the EPCOT resort circle, the Boardwalk, features a wonderful array of views and scenes perfect for a proposal. I love this spot because you can have a variety of proposal types here. The Boardwalk is vintage enough that you could proposal in a style that fits your loves personality. You can also make you proposal homey and quiet or shout it out to world, or at least the lagoon.

The Boardwalk gives off a very nostalgic vibe. If you grew up along the Jersey shore, you will feel right at home here. They ever have surreys that you can rent! How perfect would it be for you to go out on an early morning surrey ride along the boardwalk and then you ask your love to marry you? Or perhaps you could take a surrey for an afternoon ride, stop to have a picnic along the water and the perfect moment presents itself. There are many options for you if you want to give a vintage or nostalgic feel to your proposal. And why not make it fun?

Tiny little surrey with the fringe on the top....

There are also many restaurants along the Boardwalk in which you could possibly have a nice dinner and propose. Cat Cora’s Kouzzina is one of my favorite places to eat, with an open view of the kitchen and wonderful Greek food. They are sure to celebrate your proposal by having the whole restaurant give you a big “Opa!” For the sports nut, there is the ESPN Club where they have a TVs broadcasting many different sporting events at one time. For the beer lover, Big River Brewery is a fairly newer microbrewery at the Boardwalk. We can’t forget the Flying Fish Cafe specializing in lovely seafood, seashore type eats.

If you are looking to have an entertaining evening and maybe propose in a big way, why not do it while enjoying amazing music at Jellyrolls? Jellyrolls is a dueling piano bar that only plays the requests of their patrons and is sure to make your special night enjoyable! It is my favorite place on the Boardwalk. The music is amazing and the piano players and sure to make you laugh and impress you with their talent. Maybe if you are lucky, Scotty will play Rainbow Connection for you!

For amazing music and a good time!

I leave you with my idea of a perfect proposal. If I was to be proposed to at the Boardwalk Hotel/Resort, this is where I would want it to happen. The best part about this place is that if you are planning on having a small wedding or maybe a vow renewal, you can always come back to this place and set something up with Disney Weddings.

The place is a small pavilion at the end of the Boardwalk on the way to EPCOT. It looks out over the water and have some views of the Boardwalk and a lighthouse. You can catch some of the most amazing sunsets from this pavilion and the place itself offers some kind of peace that just resonates with me. I hope that you feel the same when you visit it. It would be a great spot to propose especially if your significant other has expressed getting married at that spot already. Why not bring them there at sunset, look them in the eye, and say, ” I love you and I would love to spend the rest of my life with you. Let’s start right here in this very spot.” Or something like that 🙂 Unfortunately I do not have a picture of this place that this very moment, but you can bet as soon as I get one I’ll post it. For now, let your imagination wander, or go hunting for the place. You’ll know which one I am talking about as soon as you see it!

That’s all for now! I’ll have another Pixie Dusted Proposal spot up here soon for you guys. Until then…. Keep Dreaming Wonderful Dreams!

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