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‘I do’ Love

Today was a rough day, however, today I found a few things that I LOVE!

I LOVE this video by Colbie Caillat.

The video describes so much about the meaning of “I Do”. Besides, all those cute smiley faces are awesome! What a unique artist.

I L~O~V~E Wedding Bee! Wedding Bee is a site where lots of brides blog about their wedding process. It has a very personal feel and these bees have GREAT ideas. Lots of amazing ideas and unique DIY ideas for your wedding. Perfect for those brides who are on a budget.

I LoVe that I had some extra time today to practice juggling. It’s a passion of mine that helps me relax and keep cool. It loosens me up and brings out the silly side in me. It’s something unique that I am good at.

My definition of Clubbin'

Better yet, I LOVE all of you guys! Thanks for reading and checking in! You guys are amazing!

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