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All is not lost

Oh No!

As I was writing a set of blog posts this morning I noticed that some of my posts from this spring disappeared. I was freaking out! What happened?!? Where are these posts I worked so hard on? Where did they go.

Then I realized that I was stupid.

This spring I set up everything to make PDP it’s own site. Then I realized that I did not have the kind of money I needed up front and I needed to pay for the site. So I deleted the site and forgot to transfer everything back over to this PDP site before hand.


Sometimes I just need to face palm myself. I actually use the face palm A LOT! I know sometimes I am just silly.

The good news is that I can recover the Port Orleans Engagement post. The bad news is that I have to write the rest of them all over. That’s ok. This means I get a fresh start. A fresh start is really good and maybe just what I need.



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