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PDP: Being Pixie Dusted

So over the course of the Pixie Dust Project, I have found that there is a lot of things that one can do to help spread some Pixie Dust and a little cheer in the world. I’ve worked with some pretty amazing charities that do some pretty awesome things. I’ve met some great people who do some inspiring things. Trust me folks, pixie dust is EVERYWHERE!

Today I was Pixie Dusted. I was completely blindsided by it. It was just one of those “woah” life moments. So let me take you back into my world at a lovely 9:50 am this morning…

I had a rough start. For the past few weeks I have had a growing pain in my lower back. With moving (into a new place) and all the work I have been doing over at Goofy’s Barnstormer (lots of up and down movements to check lapbars), I have been putting a ton of stress on my back. This morning my back was killing me. I took some meds and went to work. I was completely out of it. I fell trap to feeling the everyday routine and going about it in a mundane way. Perhaps it was because I was on pain meds, perhaps it was because I was tired. But I could make a list of excuses, I wasn’t my cheerful, magical self.

As I was pressing buttons and making honey pots move, a little boy looked up and smiled at me. He reached up over the big panel I was working and handed me a little baggy and said, “Thank you. Have a magical day.” I smiled and said thanks, still watching ride motion to make sure everything was going ok. They got into their honey pot and off they went into the ride.

After I was rotated out of that position, I was able to look at my little bag of pixie dust that was given to me by a guest. It had a little note attached that read: “Thank you for making our vacation magical. We appreciate your hard work and dedication to keeping the magic. Here is a little pixie dust in return for all that you do.” Holy smokes! A guest thanking me in this big way! I’m the one supposed to be spreading the pixie dust. Even at the moment that little boy saw me, it was probably pretty clear I had no desire to be at work today and yet, I was still given this amazing gift!

Let me tell you how my attitude shifted for the day. Even though I was, and still am, in a good amount of pain, I smiled and waved to everyone I saw. I made sure that I was helping guests have a good time. I made sure that I was spreading some pixie dust.

Sometimes we all need a little Pixie Dust.




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Pixie Dust Project Week 3: Surprises!

This week on the Pixie Dust Project we are featuring Surprises! Surprises are the best way to spread pixie dust!! You may be thinking, “but what if people don’t like surprises?” Everyone likes surprises, it just depends on the kind of surprise. Most people say, “Don’t surprise me for my birthday,” because they don’t like attention being drawn to them. But everyone likes a good surprise.

Surprises can be great. I never get to go home. However, every time I do go home, we make sure that my grandmother has no idea that I am coming home. It can be really hard to keep that secret, especially when you are trying to make plans for a short weekend home. My cousin asked me on my last trip, “How come whenever you come home it has to be a surprise?” I couldn’t really respond until after that trip. The reason it has to be a surprise is because it brings my grandmother such joy to see me appear on her doorstep. The look of shock and the huge hug that I always get tell me that this is something that really makes her happy. Bam, I give her pixie dust every time I go home!

Now pixie dust can be spread by all kinds of surprises. This includes surprising yourself. I did that today. I surprised myself in a BIG way. Today I took a major step that I have been avoiding. I finally went and donated my hair. Anyone who has done this will tell you that this is a big step. It’s hard work to grow your hair out and then to just have it all chopped off and given to someone else…WOAH, shut the front door! Big Big steps! But it feels great!

There is no rule in this pixie dust project that says that you can’t spread pixie dust to yourself. In fact, in spreading pixie dust to others, you are automatically giving yourself and extra dose of this wonderful stuff. My challenge for you this week is to surprise someone or yourself. You can bake goodies for your co-workers, bring flowers to a friend, accomplish something HUGE that you never thought you could do, and more! Think of the endless possibilities!

Go…GO spread pixie dust! What are you waiting for!

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The Pixie Dust Project: Week 2

Whooo! Week 2 of the Pixie Dust Project brings me so much excitement! I am so excited about what we are doing and I hope that you guys will consider joining us and taking part too!

As many of you know, Dave and I are moving in a few weeks. We have lots of old, gently used, towels and sheets that we don’t use any more. We have decided to donate these to the local SPCA. They do a lot of work from some amazing animals we have had a lot of our friends adopt pets from them recently. Since we can’t adopt pets right now (cost and allergies), we have decided to give back by giving them what they need. And trust us, they could use a lot.

Thinking about getting a pet? Not quite sure where to start looking first? How about going to your local SPCA open house or dropping by during visiting hours? You may fall in love with an adorable animal in need of a home quite like yours. My family has had a dog from the SPCA and he was a loyal friend to us for many years.

Can’t afford to adopt a pet? No worries. The SPCA looks for all kinda of donations from monetary to actual objects. By going to your local SPCA website and clicking on the ┬ádonate button, you will find a link for a wish list. This list will provide with ideas of things to bring over to the shelter.

So Dave and I are putting our box together as we get packing up the apartment. We hope that you will join us and gather a box too, I mean, what else are you going to do with all those old towels cluttering up your closet space?

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The Pixie Dust Project: Week 1

Welcome to the Pixie Dust Project!

Along with my love of weddings and engagements, I love helping people and spreading pixie dust even more. So in combination with this site, I an beginning the Pixie Dust Project. This project is designed to help others find ways to spread a little pixie dust. This is our first week and I am so in love with the charity we are featuring.

This week’s charity comes from Penn State University in State College, Pa. I spent four amazing years at Penn State and have worked with this charity since the beginning. Penn State’s Dance Marathon (known as THON to the students) has been around for over 30 years. It is a 46 hour no sitting-no sleeping marathon to support the Four Diamonds Fund. The Four Diamonds Fund supports the Hershey Medical Center and kids with pediatric cancer.

During my time at Penn State, I have danced in the marathon as well as been on different committees supporting the marathon. I have worked with THON families and children who have so much life in them for being so sick. I have seen ups and I have seen downs. But if there is one thing that I have learned from my work with this amazing charity is that the quote “a man never stands so tall as when he kneels to help a child,” is so very very true.

So this week we are featuring THON. Am amazing cause that helps spread pixie dust, not only to children who may not have much longer to live, but to there families who are looking for any and all signs of comfort and hope.

This year THON dancers will dance the weekend of February 18-20th. You don’t have to give, but I challenge you to. I challenge you to look at what this college students are dedicating their weekends to. I challenge you to look into your own Courage, Wisdom, Honesty, and Strength. I challenge you, to spread Pixie Dust.

Jenna, Sean, and I. THON 2007 Sean and I are dancers.

Jenna, our THON child. This is WHY we dance.

Dancer circles for Angels Among Us, Imagine, and Wonderful World

To learn more about THON or to donate you can visit their site here:

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The Pixie Dust Project! Coming 2011!


Wow! So much is going on around me I can barely keep up with the world that suddenly got so fast! Christmas is already here and New Years is just around the corner. I am going to be doing some big things in 2011. I am going to be changing the look to the blog, moving, looking for a better job, looking into going back to school, and much much more! Plus all the surprises that this beautiful world has in store for me!

I have realized over this year, that when things get crazy, I get crazy. I begin to think that I can’t handle it or I get too overwhelmed. All that is going to change. I have decided that in 2011 I will be the happiest that I have ever been, no matter what happens.

So in 2011 I will roll out in full force The Pixie Dust Project. The Pixie Dust Project is a project designed by me that will revolve around making my life, as well as the lives of others, a happier, healthier life. I am going to be looking for all kinds of ideas and help, so let me know if you would like to join forces with me. I am hoping to do something new once a week.

We all know that Pixie Dust is magical. You can’t fly without it. So by spreading pixie dust around, I am hoping to add a little more sunshine into this world. I am also going to nickname this project : Pop Pop’s project after my pop who passed away from cancer this past August. Pop always believed in me and my dreams, he also knew everyone and their great uncle. People lined up for blocks in the rain at his funeral. My Pop was a Pixie Dust sprinkler whether he knew it or not. This is going to be in honor of him.

I am gathering a list of things to keep the Pixie Dust Project going. There are going to be things such as: Lifestyle Changes, Charities, Challenges and much more.

So what do you guys thing? Good idea? Want to help? Please please let me know!

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