David and Lauren!

David and I met in the fall of 2009 in Orlando, Florida. At the time we both worked for Disney. Heck, we still work for Disney. 6 degrees of separation has found us together. My dad networked with his scout master who gave my dad David’s information who gave it to me and we met. I was expecting someone in his 30s, with a wife, etc. However, I met David. David was a 24 year old cook at Walt Disney World, now 25 and I was a 22 year old, now 23, who had just started a career down here.

We met at EPCOT’s International Food and Wine Festival. We had a wonderful time and hit it off right away. Chatting and talking and eating and drinking. David was the first guy I never felt the need to impress. I was totally comfortable being myself around David. I believe this is because I had no expectations of our relationship, except friendship, at first.

Where are we now? 1 year later, David and I are happily in love. No, we aren’t engaged yet. Yet. Who knows what the future holds. I know it will be wonderful.

The progress of David and I has been my inspiration for starting a blog. He has read this blog, but has no idea that he has helped me come up with some of these wonderful plans.

I am dedicating a few pages of this blog to David and Lauren. Our adventure in love. I hope that you guys enjoy this little addition to Pixie Dusted Proposals. I hope that this blog can help you believe in love. I can tell you that love is all around you. It is in even breath you breathe and sight you see. Love is there even when it may seem like it’s not. True love appears when you least expect it.

UPDATE: On October 21, 2011 at roughly 10:30 pm David FINALLY proposed to Lauren! It was the 2 year anniversary and they were celebrating with friends at Jellyrolls at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort! David had met with the piano players a few times that week to plan everything out. They managed to get Lauren and David on stage to do a silly dance and afterwards, Matt handed Dave the microphone and the question was asked. Lauren said yes to a roaring crowd! They will be married May 2013 *venue permitting*

Meet David and Lauren

Little Moments

David and I on our 1 yr Anniversary




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