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The Unexpected Proposal

Since Valentine’s day is right around the corner, I have decided to write about the unexpected proposal. These happen a lot and tend to be even better than the planed proposal. I find that when I look at proposal stories that have to do with Disney, the unexpected proposal tends to happen more often than the planed proposal. So why go through all the planning?

Proposals are supposed to be special. Every guy who has planned a proposal has had this perfect day or time in their mind. Girls, we do it too. We may imagine how our perfect proposal would be and then we would hope that our best girlfriends tell our future fiance about it. In a perfect world, perfect proposals would go exactly as planned and would be amazing. But we don’t live in a perfect world and we all know that proposals rarely go exactly as planned. But sometimes, it’s the unexpected moment that makes a proposal perfect.

The most important part of a proposal is making sure that you propose at the right time. You want to make sure it is the right moment, one that is worth remembering. Don’t worry guys, there’s no need to stress. If you plan a day or evening full of things both of you love to do, the right moment will just happen.

At Disney, you might be meeting your love’s favorite princess and that princess begins to talk about you being her prince and her hoping that you live happily ever after. That would be a perfect moment to just say, “well actually, *enter name here* I was wondering if you would let be the prince charming in your happily ever after.” Ok that is cheesy, well I think it’s cute, but you get the point. You may plan an evening at the beach and be taking a walk at sunset and she makes a comment about how beautiful it is and then your perfect moment arrives. I guess my point is: the perfect moment is usually isn’t planned.

As a treat…check out this video of a proposal that happened after a couple ran into Push the talking trash can on the Tomorrowland Bridge in Walt Disney World. It’s pretty awesome

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Wishing for a proposal

This weeks Pixie Dust Proposal has everything to do with wishing wells! Wishing wells are a princess staple. Cinderella had one and Snow White had one as well. So why not plan a proposal at a wishing well that has some beautiful views?

Walt Disney World resort is home to the breathtaking Cinderella’s Castle. Hidden along the castle ramps you will find a quiet little alcove that is home to Cinderella’s wishing well. This happens to be a popular proposal spot simply because of the view of Cinderella’s castle that it provides. At night while the castle is giving us a “kiss goodnight” and changing a multitude of beautiufl colors, the view from the wishing well is amazing. It provides a sweet backdrop for the perfect proposal.

During the day, the wishing well is usually a quick stop for passersby. They may pause briefly for a picture or to make a wish in the well. All the change that is found in the well goes to help children’s dreams come true. I’m not 100% where the money goes but I know that Disney partners heavily with Give Kids the World and Make-A-Wish, both organizations make children’s wishes come true.

The wishing well would provide a great place to quietly pull your love aside and propose. You could ask them to close their eyes and make a wish, when they turn around you are down on one knee. You could ask someone to take your picture, pretend you dropped your wishing coin and end up on one knee. Or you could just simply pop the question as the castle changes colors before your eyes. There are many ways to propose at Cinderella’s wishing well. You could even get Disney’s Guest Relations involved and make it extra special.

Cinderella's Wishing Well

Wishing well during "A Kiss Goodnight"

Profile of the wishing well during the day.

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A Proposal 15 floors up!

Looking to take your proposal to a new height? Want it to be “above the rest?” Then perhaps proposing at Disney’s California Grill is just for you.

Located at the top of Walt Disney World’s Contemporary Resort, The California Grill is an elegant contemporary restaurant. It combines wonderful food with a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, things you may want when planning the perfect proposals. The menu covers a nice variety of tastes that is sure to please anyone’s taste buds.

The California Grill

When planning the perfect proposal at the California Grill, be sure to make your reservation time close to the time the Magic Kingdom’s fireworks show is scheduled to go off. Just outside of the restaurant, on the very top of the Contemporary Resort, is an observation deck which provides a wonderful view of the Magic Kingdom. The best part about the Cal Grill is that they will actually give you the chance to go and watch the fireworks if you aren’t seated on the Magic Kingdom side. If fireworks and dinner interests you, you make want to consider booking your reservations about 3-6 months in advance to be sure you are able to get a seat!

The Observation Deck at Disney's California Grill

If you are looking to plan a sweet ending to a delightful evening, you may want to tell the Cal Grill just what you are up to. Then, after you have eaten your delicious meal and seen some beautiful fireworks, you can enjoy a delectable dessert that only the California Grill could whip up. For just about all of their special occasions, the California Grill adds a slice of chocolate cake with a personalized chocolate “card”. They also have a selection of worthwhile desserts to try if you aren’t really a chocolate fan.

Personalized chocolate cake

I hope that I could inspire you to consider the California Grill when planning your perfect proposal. This will be a dinner that neither of you would ever forget. It would be the perfect bit of pixie dust to an already amazing Disney vacation!

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