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All is not lost

Oh No!

As I was writing a set of blog posts this morning I noticed that some of my posts from this spring disappeared. I was freaking out! What happened?!? Where are these posts I worked so hard on? Where did they go.

Then I realized that I was stupid.

This spring I set up everything to make PDP it’s own site. Then I realized that I did not have the kind of money I needed up front and I needed to pay for the site. So I deleted the site and forgot to transfer everything back over to this PDP site before hand.


Sometimes I just need to face palm myself. I actually use the face palm A LOT! I know sometimes I am just silly.

The good news is that I can recover the Port Orleans Engagement post. The bad news is that I have to write the rest of them all over. That’s ok. This means I get a fresh start. A fresh start is really good and maybe just what I need.



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2012: The year I get serious!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all were able to welcome in 2012 with love and splendor! I welcomed the new year by racing the clock to get home by midnight and kiss David. Don’t worry, I made it home with two minutes to spare!

With the new year I have decided to get more serious about this blog. Think you have heard me say that before? You’re probably right. I usually am so wiped from work that I don’t feel like writing posts. I really wish I could just get a job blogging about things I love. This would be the best job in the world and then I could blog and research all day long and not when I don’t really have time. I am really excited about things that are going to be coming to this blog. Here’s a list so that you can get excited too!

1. Official Domain name! This makes me super excited!

2. New Look! Hopefully I really mean that this time. I have such great ideas for this blog and what I want it to look like.

3. New ideas and inspiration boards! I can’t wait to throw some inspiration boards together!

4. Tons of Pixie Dust to spread the love.

5. Magical Proposals!

6. A few surprises. I can’t spoil everything.

So get excited friends. Pixie Dusted Proposals is back in action starting February 1st!

Oh by the way… did you know that Dave FINALLY proposed?! Yup, we are getting hitched in 2013!

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