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Freeze Frame: Casie Photographics

Our very first Freeze Frame is all about Orlando-based Casie Photographics!

I have been a fan of Casie Shimansky’s photography since I stumbled across her Up Engagement Photo post. Once I got my blog up and running, I got in contact with Casie and decided that it was time to showcase her work on the blog. Casie and I met up for a little bit of coffee and to chat about life and photography. So for all of you recently engaged folks out there, listen up. This is Casie Photographics

Name: Casie Photographics

Owner: Casie Shimansky

The beautiful Casie

Years in the Biz: About 3 solid years.

PDP: What is your favorite part about shooting weddings?

RBP: Weddings are always different, and as much planning as any one person can do for this incredible moment — whether it be the bride or any of her amazing vendors — I love that it really all just unfolds as it was meant to.  You always get this incredible sense of unity at a wedding — the families that I’ve had the pleasure of working with and getting to know are always SO connected and just absolutely adore that these two people have, amongst all odds, found one another.  The interactions I have with everyone and usually feeling as if I am somehow adopted into these families is always very exciting to me as well.

PDP: How do you draw inspiration for a shoot?

RBP: What am I not inspired by is really how I feel about photography and life.  I am literally the girl who will take pictures of red pears at Publix because they caught my eye (true story! I have the picture on my iPhone!)  So, really…everything from Starbucks cups and kids laughing to floral arrangements and a groom seeing his bride for the first time — everything is inspiring to me.  I especially love when colors, lighting, or a particular moment really just grabs me and won’t allow me to put the camera down until I know I have it captured.

PDP: During a shoot do you let the couples take control?

RBP: I do make suggestions; maybe where or how a person sits or where their hands might look best.  That’s usually a big “worry” for people being photographed for some reason, “What do I do with my hands?”  During engagement sessions I allow (and prefer) the couple to choose a location that’s really special to them.  Of course, there are the “Orland Hot Spots” for photo sessions — but at that point it really is about the couple and their personalities and the love shared between them.  Those moments, from engagement shoot to wedding day, have nothing to do with me — so I really prefer the couples to interact as they do naturally.  Often times their favorite photo will be the one where they had no idea I was even taking their picture — they were just enjoying each other.  I always tell them before the shoot that if they want to laugh – then laugh, if they want to kiss – then kiss, and if he wants to pick her up and twirl her around in the middle of the park?  Well, hey — that’s quite allright too!  🙂

PDP: How far are you willing to travel for a shoot?

RBP: My bags are always packed!  I really enjoy traveling and getting to experience and explore new places & I love that I have brides, grooms and families all over this country who just couldn’t see their wedding day or special events without me.  There is something so insanely incredible about that.  This year alone, my friends will tell you, that I’ve literally been everywhere from New York to California and just about every inch of The Sunshine State.  They say that “home is where the heart is”…and my heart is always behind that camera of mine.

PDP: What is your favorite part of a session?

RBP: My favorite part about any session is when I just KNOW, right after the click of the camera, that I absolutely just took my favorite image of the day.  It’s that one image that you just KNOW a couple will hang on their wall and cherish for the rest of their lives…and that you almost don’t even have to look at it on the LCD screen because your heart just KNOWS — This is THE ONE.  All the other images are equally as spectacular, but there is always one that just grabs me almost immediately as a favorite even before it gets into editing.

My favorite wedding day moment is easily the second that the new Mr. & Mrs. get announced, for the first time, to their friends and family.  There’s just this unique excitement in the air — it’s this entirely brand new beginning for this couple and their families.  It is, to me, always one of those moments where you can’t help but smile because THAT is what life is all about.

Because I love Casie and her photography skills so much, I have decided to add some photos. Casie graciously allowed me to display a few photos of her’s below. Enjoy!

Like what you see? Want more info? Then what are you waiting for! Contact Casie Photographics right away!


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