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Pixie Dust Project Week 3: Surprises!

This week on the Pixie Dust Project we are featuring Surprises! Surprises are the best way to spread pixie dust!! You may be thinking, “but what if people don’t like surprises?” Everyone likes surprises, it just depends on the kind of surprise. Most people say, “Don’t surprise me for my birthday,” because they don’t like attention being drawn to them. But everyone likes a good surprise.

Surprises can be great. I never get to go home. However, every time I do go home, we make sure that my grandmother has no idea that I am coming home. It can be really hard to keep that secret, especially when you are trying to make plans for a short weekend home. My cousin asked me on my last trip, “How come whenever you come home it has to be a surprise?” I couldn’t really respond until after that trip. The reason it has to be a surprise is because it brings my grandmother such joy to see me appear on her doorstep. The look of shock and the huge hug that I always get tell me that this is something that really makes her happy. Bam, I give her pixie dust every time I go home!

Now pixie dust can be spread by all kinds of surprises. This includes surprising yourself. I did that today. I surprised myself in a BIG way. Today I took a major step that I have been avoiding. I finally went and donated my hair. Anyone who has done this will tell you that this is a big step. It’s hard work to grow your hair out and then to just have it all chopped off and given to someone else…WOAH, shut the front door! Big Big steps! But it feels great!

There is no rule in this pixie dust project that says that you can’t spread pixie dust to yourself. In fact, in spreading pixie dust to others, you are automatically giving yourself and extra dose of this wonderful stuff. My challenge for you this week is to surprise someone or yourself. You can bake goodies for your co-workers, bring flowers to a friend, accomplish something HUGE that you never thought you could do, and more! Think of the endless possibilities!

Go…GO spread pixie dust! What are you waiting for!


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