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No Class, No Respect.

This is going to be a post about the most horrible wedding I have ever witnessed. I would like to state a few disclaimers before I go on.

#1. I have NOTHING against small weddings, weddings in parks, receptions at the VFW and so on.

#2. These are simply my opinions and if you disagree, please tastefully do so in the comments sections so tat we can discuss this further.

#3. I was shell shocked after this wedding and I’m pretty sure David is now scared to get married.

Now that those are out, I am ready to discuss what I will call, the wedding from hell.

This was the wedding of Dave’s good friend/roommate down here in lovely FL. We both agree that the bride and the groom don’t seem to fit well together, however, love is love and they could be perfect for each other who knows. Dave was a Groomsman and therefore was asked to attend everything. The wedding officially ran from Wednesday night until Sunday morning. Let’s start on Wednesday.


Wednesday night began the wedding festivities. All friends of the bride and groom went to the local favorite bar of ours for kareoke and drinks. The bride and the groom talked to their separate groups of friends and barely each other the whole night. The bar was smokey and all of their friends, except David and I seemed to smoke. Since Dave had to work early the next morning, we called it a night around midnight. So far, not a bad night.


The wedding party and friends pregamed at a friend’s house. Dave and I met them at the club later, they were extremely late and Dave was tired from a long day of work. Another smoking establishment but it was a club and ladies drank for free til midnight. Since half of them were already drunk, it was quite an evening. Again, David and I left around midnight to get away from the smoke. We had seen more than enough for us.


Wedding Rehearsal Day!

Dave and I offered to pick up the best man, also Dave’s friend, at the airport so that the Groom would be on time for the rehearsal just incase a plane was late or something happened. The Groom said no he would get them. Dave and I spent the day together getting things done (we had both worked 14 days straight and needed to take care of the apartment and such). We went to the malls and just relaxed. I’m so glad we did this because they next two days were crazy.

The best man’s plane was late and the Groom was late getting back to the apartment for rehearsal. The whole wedding party was late to the rehearsal. Good thing it was a quick rehearsal because we would have never made it for dinner at the Eagle’s Club. I got sick at dinner (they cooked the chicken in the same area as the fish and didn’t clean. I’m allergic to chicken….) so we had to leave early yet again. Dave dropped me off then went over to The Groom’s place for some guy bonding time before the big day.


The day all things went wrong.

We didn’t have to be at the park until 4 pm an hour before the wedding. Dave and I again were catching up on all things needed to be done around the apartment. We get a call around 2:15 asking us how fast we could be at the Eagle’s Club because we needed to prep the dinner. *Did I mention that the Groom was cooking all of the food* Dave said we’ll get there if we can we were not near close to being ready to leave. We rushed our getting ready and tried to head out before three. That didn’t happen, we left around 3:10 and then there was an accident so we just met them at the park around 4:15 when we finally got there.

The gazebo was lightly decorated and there were no chairs! That’s right folks we were standing. Awesome. Probably wouldn’t have been bad if things ran smoothly, but they didn’t. 5 pm rolls around and half the wedding party is still missing. We are all wondering what is going on. No sign, no phone call, worried, pissed, who knows what everyone is feeling. I got some good candid pics of the guys while we were waiting.

Groomsmen Chillin

Paul being classy while helping Dave

"I've saving this picture for later."

Finally we find out where the bride is. She’s on her way. This is a good time as any to mention that she and her maids drank 2.5 bottles of champagne before getting her into the dress. By the time she made it to the alter, the wedding was over an hour late. And we were all standing. She barely made it down the aisle.

During the extremely short ceremony, it was a Justice of the Peace ceremony. The bride and her maids were laughing and unable to keep a straight face. The groom cried, I’m assuming cause he was happy, though I’m not sure. The recessions was interesting with the Maid of Honor screaming jumping on the back of the best man screaming, “My best friend just got married!” And so on. We took some pics, but we were rushed to the reception because there was food to cook.

Group shot

Nice hate Jake

Dave goes off on how disrespectful this wedding was to the guests and to the groom. He can’t believe that the bride did this and so on. Weddings are a big step in life they should be taken some what seriously.

We get to the Eagle’s Club and because of how late the bride was, the food is now going in when it was supposed to be served. Cold food, not enough time to heat it all up nor enough space. We were rushed. The groom didn’t help. I mean it was his day, but if he was planning on cooking, he should have given his groomsmen a hand. The groomsmen were in and out of the kitchen since they had other duties to preform, which left the best man’s girl and I to keep an eye on the food and prep salads and stuff. Let’s just say Best man, Dave, Best man’s girl, and I = PISSED.

The rest of the reception was ok. Pretty normal. The Maid of Honor’s speech was horrifying and he brought up another bridesmaid to help him with his speech. They attempted to rap. Cursed a bit during the speech, and there were kids around. And they just went on and on about random things. I would have been mortified if I was the bride.

Dave, Best man, Best man’s girl, and I left an hour early from the reception since I had to be at work at 6 am the next morning. All four of us were not pleased.

Like I said, I have nothing against small weddings, Justice of the Peace weddings, etc. However, do it with class. Do it with dignity. This is your day and you are going to remember it for the rest of your life. If you want to be totally blitzed trying to walk down the isle, that’s you. If you have to be that way to walk down the isle, you probably should not be getting married. We have a lot of thoughts on this wedding. We are happy for the bride and groom but at the same time our hearts are breaking. I cried three times on the day of the wedding because I was upset for them. I was shocked at what had happened. I’ve never been to a wedding like this.

Friends, if you are going to get married, do it with class. Do it with respect. Do it with love. Please, your guests will be happy and you will be happy!

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‘I do’ Love

Today was a rough day, however, today I found a few things that I LOVE!

I LOVE this video by Colbie Caillat.

The video describes so much about the meaning of “I Do”. Besides, all those cute smiley faces are awesome! What a unique artist.

I L~O~V~E Wedding Bee! Wedding Bee is a site where lots of brides blog about their wedding process. It has a very personal feel and these bees have GREAT ideas. Lots of amazing ideas and unique DIY ideas for your wedding. Perfect for those brides who are on a budget.

I LoVe that I had some extra time today to practice juggling. It’s a passion of mine that helps me relax and keep cool. It loosens me up and brings out the silly side in me. It’s something unique that I am good at.

My definition of Clubbin'

Better yet, I LOVE all of you guys! Thanks for reading and checking in! You guys are amazing!

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Boo-tiful Proposal with 999 Happy Haunts

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! We were very excited to show you guys a really awesome video of a proposal that happened at the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland, however it has magically disappeared, so we will have to settle with telling you about it.

A truly unique place to get engaged at Walt Disney World or even Disneyland, would be at the Haunted Mansion. We heard of a story that came all the way from Disneyland about a young man who proposed to his girlfriend at Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion. His girlfriend was actually a cast member who worked at the attraction and was on her shift when all of this happened. It just goes to show what can happen when you ask the right people.

With the help of many people, both their families, friends, Guest Relations, Management, and other guests, this beautiful proposal took place. As the girl stepped out to relieve another fellow cast member, she was watching the queue when all of a sudden person after person came up to her with a rose. Each rose had a little note attached to it. Can you imagine random strangers coming up and handing you roses? The last person to bring a rose was her boyfriend who then dropped the question.

Of course she said yes and I’m pretty sure that she got the rest of the evening off. Sounds pretty awesome right?

Some cool ideas on how to make this happen:

Use real flowers and have the last one be fake. I know that sounds cheesy “I’ll love you until the last one dies” but it’s something that would make this moment really cute and special.

Do it on Halloween. If Halloween is something that both of you love, then why not pick this night and make it something you’ll never forget?

See what kind of help you can get. You could bring along some of your coworker that she doesn’t know, get a group of random strangers to help you out, or even see what Disney can cook up with you.

I really loved this story and I wish I could find the video to share with you.

Happy Halloween!

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Tea Lights and Candy

Fall/Halloween filling

While David and I were at the mall today, we stopped by Crate and Barrel. They sell these really awesome tea light holders there that I love. We passed a Halloween set up they had and they had placed candy corn along the bottom of it. So that got me to thinking, how cute would it be to place other candies under it. Not only that, how cute would it be to place this as a table setting during a dinner party or putting it on the gift or cake table at a wedding.  I didn’t get a picture, but just use your imagination with the pictures I have provided for you!


Axis tea light holder

Candy Hearts for Valentine's Day/Weddings/Engagement Parties

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A Not-So-Scary Proposal

We know that Disney specializes in bringing magic to us on a daily basis. However, I think Disney goes over the top when it comes to Holidays. One holiday Disney does really well, is Halloween. Each year on select nights from September until the beginning of October, the Walt Disney World Resort hosts it’s Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. This party is a special ticket event that entertains its guests by transforming the Magic Kingdom into a ghoul’s delight from 7pm until midnight. Once the park is cleared at 7pm, the party begins with ghoulish music, characters you don’t normally see (such as the villains), and new entertainment like Mickey’s Boo To You parade and Hallowishes fireworks. If you or your love is a Halloween buff, this may be a fun time to plan the perfect engagement.

One of my favorite highlights of the Not-So-Scary parties is Cinderella’s Coach. Only on party nights can guests stand in front of the coach and take pictures. The most famous phrase the photopass photographers like to use during this time is “Give your sweety a smooch.” or “How about a kiss?”. This is to say that they are photographing couples and not families or little princesses. But wouldn’t this be a great place to drop down on one knee and pop the question?

Cinderella's Coach

Another great thing that happens at the parties, are that the princesses take pictures with their princes. This would be a great way to get character involvement. Usually you are placed in a room with 5 other groups but I’m sure if you were to ask the character attendants if you could have a room to yourself or wait until a room clears out and you are the last group, they would happily oblige. Especially if you tell them why. Disney Princesses are known for their interactions with the guests as they sign autographs and take pictures. This could make for a very memorable engagement.

Cinderella and Prince Charming with David and I

Snow White and her Prince with David and I

If your love is very much into Halloween and ghosts then maybe you should stop by the Haunted Mansion to ask the big question. On Halloween party nights, the Haunted Mansion is done up with fog, ghostly entertainers, a picture with the horseless carriage where a ghost appears, and more. Who knows, your love may let out a bone chilling scream of delight when they here your question.

The Haunted Mansion during a Not-so-Scary Party night

So what do you think? Is Mickey’s Not-So Scary Halloween party a place where you would pop the question? There are a lot of options for you to choose from when considering your perfect plan. Don’t worry, it’s not very scary.

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A Most Royal Proposal

Are you a Prince who is looking to give his Princess the most royal proposal? Then you need to check out this post about a magical proposal offer the happens at Cinderella’s Royal Table the restaurant inside of Cinderella’s Castle at Walt Disney World. The best part about this proposal is that you can celebrate your special occasion with the rest of the Disney Princess family as both dinner and lunch at the castle are character meet and greets. So read the post and let us know what you think.

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Your Engagement, Your Story

When getting engaged it is important to remember that might sound like a good idea, may not be the best idea when it comes to your story.

It is important to create the perfect engagement around Your Story. Your Story, the story of your relationship, is something that should be told from engagement through you wedding day. You wouldn’t get engaged at a rodeo if you both hate horses. You wouldn’t have a wedding at Disney World if you didn’t like fairy-tale endings and a Disney vacation. It is important to pick a time and a place that is important to BOTH of you when planning an engagement. Maybe it’s at a favorite restaurant with your closest friends. Maybe it’s during a beach vacation with your families.

The reason why I have dedicated my posts to mainly Disney-themed engagement is because Disney caters to just about everything you could ever think of. Maybe you both are animal lovers, then perhaps Animal Kingdom or Animal Kingdom Lodge is a place for you to propose. Maybe you both enjoy camping and the outdoors, then a nice stroll through Fort Wilderness Campgrounds would be a great idea. If you love traveling, but don’t have any money to explore the world, then a trip to EPCOT’s World Showcase is for you.

Remember, it’s YOUR story. Only YOU know how to tell it. The best part about stories, they go on and on and get passed down from generation to generation.

So when planning your perfect engagement, make sure you consider YOUR story. Where did you begin? Where do you see your lives heading?

My hope for this page is that I can provide the spark that ignites a fire when planning that perfect moment. I hope that I can help you discover options you may have never thought of before. And if I do, let me know!

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Fort Wilderness Campground: Engagement Style

This week I am featuring another Unique Engagement location at the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, FL.

Today we are looking at Fort Wilderness Campground, an outdoor resort where you can sleep out in the wilderness in a cabin, camper, or tent. This resort places you right into the middle of a frontier land complete with a campfire sing-a-long, outdoor movies, a rowdy dinner show, and much more! It also provides the perfect background for an outdoor picturesque proposal. Whether you plan a public proposal or a private one, Fort Wilderness Campground has a lot to offer.

Chip and Dale’s Campfire Sing-A-Long

Looking for a fun place to propose that is a little out of the ordinary? At Fort Wilderness Campground, Chip and Dale host a campfire sing-a-long and movie. Imagine sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows, singing along with a guitar guy singing traditional campfire songs and dancing around with two crazy chipmunks. Now imagine stopping the sing-a-long and taking a moment to ask that special someone to marry you. Maybe you wrote a little song for them or maybe you just want to share this moment with some great friends around a campfire.

Tip: Ask the guitar player if he can help you out. The campfire usually starts around 7:30 (or dusk depending on time of year) so get there early so speak with the concierge services to see if they can help you out. Also, find out if there was anyway that Chip and Dale could help you and be a little crazy with the ring (so as to crate a diversion).

Hoop-Dee-Do Review

Are you interested in a wild and rowdy good time? Do you enjoy sitting around the table with friends, eating buckets full of fried chicken, and playing a washboard? Then the Hoop-de-doo Review is the dinner show for you. Enjoy singing, dancing, and all the food and drink you can eat. While your here, you could quietly or quite publicly make a proposal she will never forget.

Quiet Proposals at Fort Wilderness Campground

There are many places for quiet proposals at Fort Wilderness. You could take a walk along the nature trail, cuddle together in a private horse-drawn carriage, spend a quiet evening on the shore of Bay Lake, or dance underneath the stars on the dock of a small lake. You could make your special evening and cater it to be exactly how you always pictured it would be.

Here are a few pictures of places at the campground that would provide a nice quiet place to propose.

This small wooden bridge crosses over a quiet river by the pool area of the campground. It provides the perfect place to pop the question during any time of day.

This quiet trail leads to the marina but is a beautiful spot under the canopy of trees. The marina dock also provides a beautiful place under the stars. Don’t forget to catch the electrical water parade!

This quiet lake is located right behind Chip and Dale’s campfire sing-a-long. The dock provides a great area to share a dance under the stars. Don’t forget the bug spray.

So if your a wilderness kind of couple or just like the beauty of the outdoors, Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground provides a wide variety of unique sites to ask your love to spend forever with you.

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Unique Engagements: Places

Aside from throwing some pretty unique parties, I would also love to give ideas for unique engagements. Since I was a little girl I have always dreamed of what my engagement would be like. Now I am at an age where all of my friends are starting to get married and I’m watching all of their dreams come true. So here is the first post in a segment I like to call: Unique Engagements!

A really unique place to surprise your love and “pop the question”, would be at Walt Disney World Resorts EPCOT World Showcase. There are plenty of really creative places to propose but one of my favorites in the Italy Pavillion. Set up to look like an italian piazza, this location provides a very picturesque backdrop. You can hear italian music in the air, toast your special occasion with a sweet glass of italian wine and watch an italian show.

Looking to make your proposal extra special? Pop the question during EPCOT’s nighttime fireworks show: Illuminations: Reflections of Earth. Also, Disney adds a little extra atmosphere during EPCOT’s International Food and Wine Festival held during the fall. They also add atmosphere during Christmas, helping each country celebrate the holiday season in their traditional way.

A great place to view Illuminations: Reflections of Earth is just outside of the Italy Pavillion. There is a small patio the looks out across the lagoon and is decorated bya few docked gondolas. It’s the perfect place to take her breath away during the fireworks!

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